• [International Seminar] 4 APR 2023 – Guidance Document on Conducting Techno-Economic Feasibility Stu

  • 23.03.28
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Dear All, 

OSEAN, Our Sea of East Asia Network, has been conducting regular seminars about 400 times since 2010 and has shared the results with those concerned with marine debris through monthly newsletters. In order to respond to the marine debris problem, it is essential to understand relevant scientific knowledge and international trends. We have been conducting public online seminars since 2017 to share the results of our seminars with more people. Seminars start every Tuesday at 10:30 am and last about an hour. The first weekly seminar of every month is held as an international seminar. We look forward to the participation of many colleagues.

 - Title: The 478th Ocean Seminar: Guidance Document on Conducting Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies for the Establishment of Port Reception Facilities for Plastic Waste

 - Date: 4th Apr 2023, 10:30 - 11:30 AM (Seoul, KST, GMT+9)   

 - Recurring Zoom Link (Click here) 


We encourage all of you to participate and actively share opinions and thoughts.  

Best regards,