• UN Environment Programme Grants OSEAN as an Accredited Non-Governmental Organization

  • 22.08.30
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UN Environment Programme Grants OSEAN as an Accredited Non-Governmental Organization 


C. Semee Rhee (Author) | Manager of International Cooperation, OSEAN | crhee@osean.net 

Alicia Loh (Translator) | Intern, OSEAN | intern@osean.net

Our Sea of East Asia Network (OSEAN) became an accredited non-governmental organization (NGO) by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in December 2021. Under UNEP, there are nine major groups and stakeholders to ensure transparency and inclusiveness in the decision-making process between governments and to enhance the participation of civil society organizations. Out of the nine major groups and stakeholders comprising business and industry, children and youth, farmers, indigenous peoples and their communities, local authorities, non-governmental organizations, scientific and technological community, women, and workers and trade unions,1 OSEAN received its accreditation as an NGO.  


Organizations accredited by the UNEP will have more opportunities to participate in UNEP sessions and other related meetings. The privilege to observe and participate in the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) will be extended to accredited organizations and a chance to attend and make interventions during ministerial meetings will also be granted. Additionally, accredited organizations can contribute to regional civil society statements, which in turn will allow for a wider range of international cooperation and receive working documents at the same time as the Committee of the Permanent Representatives (CPR).2 

OSEAN is the third NGO in South Korea to be accredited by UNEP. Through this valuable accreditation, OSEAN intends to strengthen international solidarity and regional activities in the future. Moreover, OSEAN hopes that this opportunity will serve as a stepping stone to expand its international activities and further strengthen solidarity with domestic and international NGOs. 

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